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Build advanced Flash applications
on ActiveSWF platform

ActiveSWF is innovative rich media platform specially designed for web developers and Flash professionals building applications for Windows and .NET.

ActiveSWF generates Flash content dynamically and can be easily programmed to build Flash movies from XML. Being compatible with most of Windows oriented technologies including COM and .NET ActiveSWF SDK opens the world of Flash for millions of VisualBasic, C# and Visual C++ developers.

How ActiveSWF works

How ActiveSWF works diagram


ActiveSWF supports all basic Flash graphical primitives, animations and scripting. Audio and image compression methods allow to significantly reduce movie size with minimum quality loss.

ActiveSWF Samples

Shapes sample

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Charts sample

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Menu sample

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Free Trial Download

ActiveSWF Professional 2.5 6.0 MB
Version: 2.5.14
Updated: May 31, 2012
Download ActiveSWF

Download the latest release of ActiveSWF Professional and enjoy your unlimited free trial. The fully functional version gives you the idea of our product and you will hardly notice the moment when ActiveSWF will become a vital contribution to your creation activity.

The distribution package includes product binary files, documentation, sample applications in VisualBasic, C#, Visual C++, ASP, PHP and samples of ActiveSWF content in XML.

Request a Free License

We offer free ActiveSWF licenses to the developers of open source and non-profit projects. You can receive the discount on ActiveSWF license in exchange for nice ActiveSWF samples. Please contact us for details.

Features under development

Major ActiveSWF enhancements being developed now are as follows.

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What people say

Scott Thomson
CTO, QDC Technologies, Australia

"We are very impressed with the quality, functionality and performance of the ActiveSWF product. ActiveSWF support is prompt, professional and very helpful."

David Hart

"I have found a great solution for the software. I am using the software to convert content from any base format to Flash. "

Paul Bzeta
Brisco Corporation, Canada

"The team at ActiveSWF follows through on their promises. They tell you what the issues are and when they will solve them. It's very refreshing to know you work with professionals who care about your project and their reputation"

Max Wainewright
Computer Analyst, thinkICT Ltd

"The level of technical support is excellent. The documentation provided is extensive and ActiveSWF team has been happy to provide examples and answer emails very quickly. Their communication skills are also excellent. They have also adapted and extended the product to meet our needs. When we had customers that needed things to work on Win 9x as well as XP they responded with a matter of days."